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Let's say you have an orchard that has been growing for the past ten or fifteen years.  You’ve spent a lot of labor and money purchasing, planting, training, and taking care of these trees so they are healthy and productive.  But unfortunately the variety of fruit is not all that popular anymore and you need to change these trees to a better type.
But to do that you have to cut down and push out all those healthy trees, let the soil sit empty for a year, then purchase and replant new trees, and then retrain them —a process that will take about seven years before you are picking the full amount of fruit.  Seven years of high expense, no production, and no income.

However, there is another alternative.  If those trees are healthy, the branches can be cut off.  And in early spring, scion wood (small branches) from the more desirable variety can be grafted onto them.   The grafts are allowed to grow the first year.  Then trained back into scaffolds the second year.  And the third year, you are harvesting at full production again. 
Grafting can also be used to repair trees that have been damaged by animals or storms.  In this case bridge grafts can be installed over damaged areas.  If you have a weaker tree new rootstock can be planted beside the existing trees and then grafted in to revitalize the failing one.
Countryside Farm and Nurseries, Inc can provide many of these grafting services.  Contact Raul at 434-806-9273 to discuss how we can help you improve your orchard.